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Director of Property Management

Gwen Munroe

Property Management and Maintenance Supervisors                  

Granville Spence

Juan Mitchell

Solomon Baptiste

Edward Morgan


Office Administration

Vilma Johnson

Donna Marshall


Leasing and Re-certification

Monique Smith

Apartment Inspector

Shamel Weems

Urban Strategies Management Corporation is the property development and management arm of our agency.  We operate over five hundred (500) housing units and ten (10) commercial store fronts.

Current housing developments include:

U.S. Mcleod, H.D.F.C.

Machull Redevelopment Associates, L.P.

U.S. Jones, H.D.F.C.

Lottport Redevelopment Associates, L.P.

U.S. Brownsville Phase I, H.D.F.C.

U.S. Brownsville Phase II, H.D.F.C.

U.S. Brownsville Phase III, H.D.F.C.

Marion Somers Plaza, H.D.F.C.

U.S. Manhattan II, Housing Corporation

Our buildings are located in the Ocean Hill, Brownsville, East New York and Bedford Stuyvesant areas in Brooklyn and the Harlem area of Manhattan.

Since 1990, Urban Strategies Management Corporation has successfully housed thousands of low and moderate-income tenants as one of the largest Brooklyn based, minority operated, community housing providers. Approximately fifty percent of all agency owned housing units are earmarked for homeless families. The remainder are allocated towards low, moderate, and market rate rents.

BECOMING A TENANT: Perspective tenants are required to visit our office for housing information and to join our waiting list.

Our Office: 287 Sumpter Street, Brooklyn, New York 11233; basement level between Rockaway Avenue and Thomas Boyland Street.

Director: Gwen Munroe

Contact: (718) 452-5479

Fax: (718) 452-6001